You Can Custom Fit Your Vehicle

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You Can Custom Fit Your Vehicle

Part of the fun of owning a car is giving it your own look. Sure, some cars come fully equipped with all the bells and whistles, but they lack one thing: your personal touch. Starting back in the 1950s when customizing cars really took off, enthusiasts have been modifying their cars to suit their own purposes. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make your car a real stand out.

Under the Hood: The most obvious customizing for your engine compartment is a cold air intake, designed to increase power to the engine. A cold air intake changes the appearance of your car’s engine bay with custom colors such as rad red, silver, chrome, powder coated blue, and more.

On the Hood: Hood protectors, also known as car bras, will give your car a bold, aggressive, and cool look. Other ideas include installing hood scoops and vents.

Up Front: Fender flares, bumper protectors, front fascia, and head light covers are all the rage. Add in custom fitted fog lights and you have a real show stopper on your hands.

To the Sides: Paintable rear side window covers will distinguish your model from all cars out there. Paintable side skirts are another crowd pleaser.

Bringing up the Rear: Altezza style tail light lens assemblies, which are available in chrome or paintable black. Some motorists are opting for paintable or blacked out tail light covers too for that special look. Adding a spoiler or a rear skirt are two additional awesome looking accessories for any car.

Under it All: Performance exhaust systems are all the rage. They are expensive but worth it in many driver’s eyes. Increased performance, a better look, and a million mile warranty are some of the appeals of this mod.

On the Inside: Who said floor mats or floor liners have to be boring? Custom fitted Highland floor mats or Husky cargo liners give your interior a clean, sharp look and protect expensive carpeting and flooring. Seat covers, shifter knobs, and gauge covers are all popular add-ons with owners today.

To the Wheels: Some cars are now custom fitted with wheel spacers which permit wheel stance to be widened, thereby improving handling. Wheel dust shields are also popular to help keep alloys and tires clean.

So, there you have it. Manufacturers of custom fitting accessories have been burning the midnight oil to bring to you products that can truly change the appearance of your car. Indeed, some models — including the Honda Civic — have over 200 custom designed accessories available. The more popular the car, the more likely your choices will be greater.

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