PA Home Inspector

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PA Home Inspector

They say a PA home inspector charges around $300 to $700 dollars for a mere visual assessment. Certainly, you can afford not to pay that much for something that anybody else can do. Or can you?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t hire a PA home inspector to examine your potential new home. And yet, you still probably should. Because as many reasons as you may have NOT to seek a professional home inspection, there are twice as many reasons why you should.

So why do you need to hire a PA home inspector?

The answer is very simple. Your house is the single most important investment most individuals will ever make. And because of that, you simply cannot afford taking any unnecessary risks with it, especially if there is a way to avoid them.

More and more home buyers now are beginning to understand the wisdom of having PA home inspector perform a thorough inspection of a home prior to making a commitment to purchase. For prospective home buyers, a PA home inspector’s professional services prove to be a positive and even educational experience. What better person to learn from regarding everything that pertains to your potential new home than someone who is trained and educated to know all there is to know about it? While a PA home inspector may not be able to diagnose all problems about construction, he can certainly give you an overview of what problems you ought to take care now and what issues you should let pass for a few months.

An impartial inspection by a professional PA home inspector, especially someone who is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) will provide a large measure of protection from unpleasant surprises. Not only that, it will also allow you to make an informed and intelligent decision about your purchase.

The Purposes of an Inspection

The primary purpose of a home inspection is to determine the condition of a property at the time of purchase. A PA home inspector’s job, therefore, is to identify as much as possible all the problems, symptoms of problems, potential problems, and all other aspects of a home. He is not restricted to merely pointing out the identifiable problems, but he may also diagnose a future problem based on what he sees at the time of the inspection.

The Parts of an Inspection

The PA home inspector is required to inspect all the major components of a home. These major components include those located in the exterior and interior.

The exterior portion typically includes:

* Slope, grading, and drainage of the property
* Foundation and exterior walls
* Porches and decks
* Windows, doors, headers, and sills
* Fascia, soffits, and eaves troughs
* Roof, flashings, vents, and chimneys
* Garage, carport, and outbuildings

While the interior includes:

* Foundation walls, basement floor, posts and beams
* Waterproofing, moisture penetration, wood rot, etc.
* Electrical service and wiring
* Pluming supply, waste drainage, and fixtures
* Heating, air conditioning (summer only) and ventilation
* Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows
* Attic insulation and ventilation

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