Key West Style Town Homes

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Key West Style Town Homes

The 19th century saw Key West’s most prominent families making fortunes and building large elegant homes. The architecture featured intricate detailing and elaborate trim that took the breath away of anyone passing through. To stem the spread of fire from one home to the next, tin roofs abound. But while tin roofs kept the heat of fire away, it also managed a different purpose: to keep the interiors cool by deflecting strong sunlight and heat.

For centuries, these Key West style town homes dominated the many quiet neighborhoods of Old Town Key West. Today, the Conch Architecture of many Key West style town homes can be seen even in places outside Florida!

If you are planning to buy your own Key West style town home, then better read on for some important tips designed to help buyers like you:

How much home can you afford?

This, of course, is the one question that all buyers have asked at some point. Indeed, the question is not how much you are willing to pay for it but how much you can afford, taking into account your credit history, loan prospects, and the lot.

Fortunately for you, with the soaring real estate market these days, the opportunities for buying Key West style town homes also abound. Interest rates are at an all-time low and yet demand for more of these homes is increasing every year. This will only result in better financing for your Key West style town homes.

There are dozens of home loans available that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. If you find you are way out of your league talking about balloon payments, 80-20, and amortization rates, then get a loan officer to help you qualify for a loan.

Conduct an Online Search

This is one easy way of previewing current Key West style town homes in the real estate market. Many websites offer thousands of listings not just on Key
West’s Old Town area but also in several other areas, as well as the rest of the Florida Keys. There are information about every Key West style town home on the market, including features, taxes, school, and more. Conducting an online search of Key West style town homes online will also yield some nice photos of properties that you can look over for future reference.

Find an Agent

After you have made your preliminary search of Key West style town homes over the Internet, it is now time for you to find an agent. While searching the Internet is the most efficient way for you to get educated about the market and find Key West style town homes that meet your criteria, the real estate agent is the one who can get you to see these individual homes personally.

The agent is responsible for contacting the property owner so you can preview the Key West style town home or schedule a showing.

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