Ice Dams

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An ice dam isn’t good news for a home or a business. It is something that should be looked for in very bad weather. Failure to locate them can result in some serious problems. An ice dam can form along the ridge of a roof and as a result snow that melts can drain off onto the ground. As a result a large amount of snow will stay on the top of the facility.

You may not realize just how heavy snow and ice can be for a structure. The water that can’t get down off the roof can end up resulting in a section of the roof caving in. This can result in your home being damaged. You may have ruined items you can’t replace such as photo albums. You can end up with ruined carpet and even electrical problems because of the water getting into your walls.

To add insult to injury many home owners insurance policies won’t cover this type of damage to your home or business. This means that the damage you have sustained will end up being up to you to take care of. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair your home after ice dam damage has taken place.

It is in your best interest to make sure you do all you can to prevent ice dams from building up. The primary occur when heat is lost from your home. Make sure you have the right insulation in your home as this will help to keep the heat inside where it belongs. Remove as much of the snow from the roof as you can. You need to be very careful getting up there as it can be slippery.

Remove all of the icicles that are building up on the edges of your home or business. This is where the ice will form very thick at the top of the roof. Use a broom or a rack to be able to remove all you can from the ground. There are special types of materials that can be added to your roof as well. They will result in the snow moving as it should instead of staying in one place.

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