How to Install Sidings… Your Own Way

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How to Install Sidings… Your Own Way

Depending on your aptitude, experience, availability of time, funds, design, scope of work and dedication, the differences of how to install siding on your own can be like scaling your backyard hill or Mt Everest, swaddling in your babe’s clothing. And that is one long list to abide by.

No, this guide isn’t asking you to drop those fancy designs of yours, it is actually asking you to be realistic. ‘How to install siding’ is a DIY, and most pros at Home Depot and Lowes seem to think so or they wouldn’t be selling such siding materials at a fanatical rate. However, you need to judge yourself according to your skills as a DIYer, the comprehensiveness of your plan, and your funds. Skill can shrink a 3-hour job into a 1 hour job, plan comprehensiveness can make your work faster which also allows you to pre-work A LOT of your materials and funds can well make in-between snacks more satisfying.

So rank your self according to skill and proceed.

For the immaculately Greenhorns
No offense please. A mallet is still by far a technological piece. If your grandson is chuckling at how you carry the mallet, tell him how dangerous the material is and you’re just overly cautious. Start by choosing your design. For starters, I recommend vinyl siding. They are cheaper, easier ways to shear and cut according to situations, and vinyls are light. You can lug everything by yourself and amaze half of the population while doing so. Owens Corning is a good source for all your needs, info and material. They have excellent designs for use on just any material and every purchase also comes with installation instruction.

Vinyl can get complicated however, especially on windows and grout attachments. Always ask for instructions on dealing with these areas. Have plans? Now is the time for you to show it to them. You can call them for immediate assistance at: 1-800-GET-PINK.

Wood for the moderately capable
Wood is always complicated. But you can minimize intricacy if you bring your design specifications to the retailer. They will fit out the proportions and sell you the materials precut. Having everything made ready, wood installation can be easier that vinyl. You have to be aware, however, of the several guidelines in using wood. Consideration should be made when applying wood over areas susceptible to water or moisture, like a nearby drain pipe. Make adjustments on drain pipes.

Instructional DIY video is your best method on how to install sidings without horrible mistakes. Text materials can be very, very confusing; just avoid them. You can avail of instructional DIY videos at Owens Corning.

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