How To Find Affordable Car Insurance In Washington

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How To Find Affordable Car Insurance In Washington

For some people, looking for car insurance is akin to getting their teeth pulled. They find it difficult and frustrating. Trying to decipher between what coverage is best and what insurance company has a solid reputation is confusing. In Washington State there are over 85,000 companies and brokers all licensed to sell car insurance. You may think they know best, but the truth is, you as the consumer should know exactly what you are looking for in order to find the most affordable car insurance for you.

A few points to keep in mind when you begin your search include:

• The type of car you are insuring. Some cars are more affordable to insure than others because they are at less risk of being stolen or being in an accident. It’s wise to ask an insurance agent about this before making a new car purchase.

• Whether or not to get glass coverage. Many people pay a substantial amount of money in premiums for glass coverage. A good idea is to inquire about the price of a replacement window and then weigh that against the price of the portion of your premium that is going towards glass coverage.

• Seek car insurance coverage from your home insurance company. Many insurance companies offer several different types of coverage. If you already are paying for life, home or long-term insurance, inquire with an agent as to whether or not a discount would be offered should you retain them for car insurance.

Comparison shopping is always your best bet when it comes to buying any type of insurance, including coverage for your car. You may think you have found a great deal but it’s always worth your while to ask several different companies for quotes. Insurance agents are there to help, but never forget that they are in their business to make money, so your business needs to be finding the most affordable deal for you.

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