CertainTeed Siding Products

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CertainTeed Siding Products

CertainTeed manufactures products for both vinyl and fiber cement siding. Their website is at www.certainteed.com. The website allows for customized viewing for specific audiences as homeowners, contractors, distributors, design professionals and more.

CertainTeed siding may be of vinyl type or fiber cement type. This company boasts of their quality products. They pride themselves on giving their customers the freedom of siding materials used, designs and colors.

CertainTeed siding – Vinyl Category

Available products for CertainTeed siding under the vinyl category are Carolina Beaded, Hamilton Park and MainStreet vinyl sidings. Also available are Cedar Impressions, and Hand-Split Shakes.

CertainTeed’s vinyl siding is durable and requires less maintenance. These are available in a variety of colors and styles. These come in good quality and offer a wide color palette.

CertainTeed siding – Fiber-Cement Category

This siding offers an alternative to wood siding as it captures the look of it. CertainTeed WeatherBoards fiber-cement siding is one such product under their belt. These are available in a number of shapes and vertical designs. These materials can also hold paint very well.

These CertainTeed siding WeatherBoards, are actually built stronger than those others who are also offering the same alternative to wood siding. These products have been built to withstand nature’s elements.

Wolverine and Ashland-Davis

Wolverine is a quality brand of CertainTeed. Products categorized as Restoration Shapes, American Legend, Encore, CedarBoards, and many more – are part of Wolverine’s product offerings.

Ashland-Davis, also a part of CertainTeed team has the following products: ProEdition 44, Premium Series 42, EasyCare, Victoria Classics, and etc. These are quality siding products are made from the finest materials and manufactured under a state-of-the-art facility – ensuring that only high quality products come out from their production.

With Wolverine and Ashland-Davis, CertainTeed siding product lines offer a lot of options to the consumers. With CertainTeed, consumers have indeed the freedom of choice, with regards to the siding details they want for their houses.

To learn more about their product lines, CertainTeed’s website offer a lot of information and details for your to study. There are also a lot of other websites around, also offering the same information – as www.arcat.com, and at the same time acting as retailers for these products – as www.hallmarkwindows.com.

CertainTeed definitely has a lot to offer in the industry, giving valuable options to consumers and homeowners. Quality and reliability of their products have always been their number one concern – things the homeowners are looking for.

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